The Makeup Show-Chicago!

The Makeup Show Flyer Non VideoI am always excited to attend The Makeup Show, the best Pro Makeup Event ever! This year, I get to be an ambassador for this year’s show and I want YOU to have the opportunity to meet and network with artists from all over the world. Chicago is ready and waiting for you! The show will be held on October 13-14, 2018 at Revel Fulton Market.

If you’ve never attended the show, you’re missing out on hearing some of the top artists in the industry speak on various topics, meeting some of your favorite artists and influencers, attending seminars and hands-on workshops, AND purchasing loads of products!

If you’re a student, working artist, or educator, you don’t want to miss this event. Every year that I attend, I learn something new, and this helps me to grow as an artist. Take the opportunity to attend The Makeup Show, and I guarantee that you will walk away armed with more information that you’d dreamed, as well as striking up new relationships that will help nurture your career!

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Cookie Cutter Makeup-Take The Poll

Thanks to Instagram and YouTube, the general public can now experience make trends and techniques that were previously unavailable or hadn’t yet been discovered. Some of the trends need to die a slow death, but people still can’t seem to get enough of them. The biggest problem that professional artists see, is the cookie cutter makeup. We watch beauty influencers (term used for people who only apply makeup on themselves/receive payment or perks from makeup brands), and wonder what is going to happen to the craft.

Cookie Cutter Makeup (in my opinion), is makeup says one MUST take certain steps to achieve the look that the beauty influencer is showcasing that day. For example, we see sculpted and super large eyebrows, 55 foundations being used at one time (exaggeration but you get my point), and a steady trend of gold/silver/shimmery highlighting that is supposed to applied to the cheeks, forehead, tip of the nose, chin, and hell, just about anywhere else on the face. We see extreme contouring that “must” be done on the exact same spots as the vlogger, when sadly, in real life, these trends are highly unflattering to most people.

Everyone is starting to look the same. People are morphing into the same makeup looks: overdrawn eyebrows, extremely contoured faces, and “glow” everywhere. No one looks like themselves anymore. Real makeup artists know how to apply products that suit individual clients for individual results. Unless there’s a stage play or a fashion shoot involved, where the director wants EVERYONE to look the same, makeup should compliment a person, AND the look should be created just for that person. Why look exactly like everyone else? I like to stand out as an individual. How about you? Leave me a comment below!

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Spring Makeup Trend

If you’ve been wanting to try something new for Spring, try a wash of aqua and green (you see what I did there?). I saw super pretty and totally wearable aqua and green colored eyeshadow look on the runway and decided to duplicate one on myself using pigments from now defunct Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and Magnolia Makeup (both vegan lines). I steered clear of adding lashes and instead, played up my own with mascara. I think the look is fun, fresh, and playful, and able to be worn by people of all shades. Paring the eye look with a neutral lip and cheek keeps you from looking like a pastel nightmare or too childish. Yes, this is for grown folks. Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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Purple Passion

I believe in the power of purple, as it is my one of my most favorite colors on planet earth! For me, purple means power, royalty, lushness, and Prince (Rest In Power). Purple is sexy, and purple, specifically Ultra-Violet, is Pantone’s color of the year. Today, I felt like playing around with some of my favorite shades of the royal color and used quite a few brands to achieve the looks listed below. I took the liberty of posting the brands as well as the colors used to take the guesswork out, just in case you want to duplicate the look!

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FacePrep: #embryolisse #rosebudperfumeco

Foundation: #maqprofard

Eyes: #magnoliamakeup#viseart01

#occmakeup #purepigment#maccosmetics #covergirllashblastvolume#mondastudio #43lashes#evepearlblackpearl

Brows: #ardellbrowbuildingfibergel #macspiked#macstrut

Cheeks/Contour: #mactracegold#occpurepigmentmagenta
Lips: #nyxliquidsuede #sway#urbandecayvice #monarchy

Brushes: #crownbrushes #c512 #c523 #bk14 #528#c400 #c422

Sponges: #alcone  

I’m Back!

After a long hiatus, I am back to blogging! I spent the past couple of months attending certification classes at Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry, here in Downtown Chicago and I enjoyed every single class.  An educated artist is one who continues to grow and thrive, and taking classes on things of which I did not know has already helped me to be a much better artist. I was self-taught, taking a workshop here and there, but I now see the value in being trained in an environment that focuses heavily on sanitation, professional behavior, integrity, color theory, clean makeup, and good techniques. I feel much more confident about the way I work now, because I have had some fantastic coaching and teaching.

Some of you follow me on social media and have seen some of the looks that I created while attending school.  I really embraced the challenges presented and learned more about myself and what type of artistry I want to focus on in the near future. I realized that there are more options for me that I’d previously thought, and so many different avenues for makeup artistry. There is a place for me.

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Work Hard for What You Want

I have been so busy over the summer that I am just catching up to myself! In order to get ahead in the makeup industry, one must continue to educate themselves on new technology, products, and techniques.  Even highly trained MUAs who’ve worked in the industry for many years must study current trends in order to maintain success. I’m learning new things as I continue to educate myself by taking coursework that will ultimately help me become an even better artist.

Hard work pays off, and I will be in beast mode for the next few months, so there will be some weeks that I can’t update this blog as often. If you’ve been following for a while (or even if you’re new to my musings), I appreciate your support and hope to share some really fantastic pictures and videos of all that I will learn in the upcoming months! In the meantime, I’ll be posting some sneak peeks over at My Instagram page!

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Misunderstood Natural Hair Salon

My tired tresses were in need of some TLC so I made my way over to Misunderstood Natural Hair to get my locs back to looking lovely. Owner and loctician Ansah Ofei makes the salon inviting and ensures that clients get quality services.

Check out the salon that specializes in natural hair care and promotes the use of natural products that are especially good for African-American hair.